photo by Roberutsu
hello puddin pops ~ (=^ェ^=)
my name is lily
a self-expressive babe who loves dressing herself up and taking misogynist society down.
body-positive, sex-positive, queer femmenist. come by for my modeling work & other artistic forays, stay for the sassy social commentary ;D

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tumblr is full of lovely models to reference :) …..drawww…..

!! ^0^

this week a bunch of things came in the mail ( ^ 0 ^ ) today, this awesome sailor moon shirt arrived; I’ll take a better pic when it’s not so wrinkled from being shipped. Also I finally got to see my friend Julia, who’s been living in Taiwan. She gave me this beautiful choker she made for me. I love it sooo much! !! 

when a babely lady hits on you and you don’t catch on until you’re leaving the party!!!!!!!1 whaaaat nooooo. 

I need thiiiiiis
got a bunch of supa kewt bobby pins, including these donuts ones, from SweetPeachBtq on etsy! Check her shop out, lots of cute stuff, everything is very affordable, and she has a 20% off code up right now!
;-; so beautiful
jus a lil critter
On the bright side, at least I have a cute fluffy tail